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  • Category: Dynamic Positioning System
  • Brands: All Brands
  • Equipment or parts: DP-I / DP-II / DP-III

Dynamic Positioning System

A Dynamic Positioning Ship is very helpful in monitoring the natural occurrences that take place offshore and aids in ships to maintain its position in the deep sea by pinpointing about the wind and the wave data which would otherwise make a ship lose control and veer off its course. Through Dynamic Positioning, a ship does not require the usage of anchors to maintain its course in the deep waters and thus can carry out its main purpose well.

Reza Enterprise supplies all the major componenents of the DP-I, DP-II & DP-III systems of different make; mainly Kongsberg & Rolls Royce. We offer our clients Wind sensors, DP Consoles, LCD, Independent Joystick, MRU, DGPS, Thruster controls, Hipap Systems, Taut wire, Radascan, Fanbeam, Sonardyne tranponders, Hipap Cnode Transponders, Transducers, Acoustic positioning system, etc.